Hi Simon, 

You can do this (assuming you installed UHD components into the given 
directories below): 

sudo /user/local/lib/uhd/utils/iuhd_images_downloader.py

cd /usr/local/bin
uhd_image_loader —args=type=x300,addr=

The addr I show is for a 10 G ethernet connection, will be different for a 1G 
ethernet connection, of course. 


Joe K5SO

> On Feb 14, 2020, at 4:09 PM, Simon G4ELI via USRP-users 
> <usrp-users@lists.ettus.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> Having compiled UHD from the latest source master branch, I’m looking for the 
> X310 images for a user, apparently we’re looking for FPGA 38.
> “Exception 0000054F (1359), RuntimeError: Expected FPGA compatibility number 
> 38, but got 36”
> Any ideas please?
> Simon Brown, G4ELI
> https://www.sdr-radio.com <https://www.sdr-radio.com/>

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