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Just a generic reply on one of them:

On 16/04/2018 16:22, Benjamin Kaduk wrote:

Section 3

    o  "v": This value MUST be equal to "TLSRPTv1".

How about something like "This document defines version 1; other
versions may be defined in later documents"?  Additionally, text
later in this section aboud discarding records that do not begin
with "v=TLSRPTv1;" and the pruned list not having exactly one
element is not friendly to future version negotiation.

On a more meta level, do we really need both versioning and extensions?
Extensions are optional to understand, while a new version would force the recipient to understand it. So for example if one wants to make a particular extension mandatory to process, the version number needs to be incremented.

I am not making any claims about how likely any of these are.

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