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I'm guessing that I'm simply misunderstanding / not understanding (reformatted
for clarity): 1: If multiple TXT records for "_smtp._tls" are returned by the
resolver, records which do not begin with "v=TLSRPTv1;" are discarded. 2: If
the number of resulting records is not one, senders MUST assume the recipient
domain does not implement TLSRPT. 3: If the resulting TXT record contains
multiple strings, then the record MUST be treated as if those strings are
concatenated together without adding spaces.

So, if I query for '_smtp._tls.example.com' and get back:

I throw away the one that contains 'bar', fair enough, got it. What I don't
understand is what a record would look like which is a single record (#2), but
that contains multiple strings (#3). Can you provide an example of a TXT record
with multiple strings? I don't *think* that this is just me being dense, and so
I think that the document needs to better explain this / include the example.

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