> I assume that lic-arcgis.gis.washington.edu does not require a 27004 prefix.

Firewalls aside, the port@ prefix is only required when checking out a license 
to use off-campus but it doesn't hurt to specify the port regardless. What he 
was running into might have been that one of the multiple servers being listed 
was not responding at that moment in time. All license servers entered in that 
dialog have to be up and running, otherwise it will fail to get past it.

I believe you can still set a system variable for this to bypass the issue yet 
have all the options configured.

Shane Krause - IT Lead
UW School of Environmental and Forest Sciences
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Our license servers are checking out licenses to people across campus.  I 
looked at our public machines (as part of testing) and noticed that it has the 
 as part of the entries.  So please change your entry to 
   (Our firewall expect connections to the server that way per ESRI's default  
I assume that lic-arcgis.gis.washington.edu does not require a 27004 prefix.

Hope that helps.  If not, please send me your subnet (offline) and I'll check 
to make sure that we are not missing any thing.

David Pham
UW Libraries

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Subject: [UW-GIS-L] error message


Was at the stage of changing the license manager to the below, and a message 
was returned below.  Any suggestions for help?




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