OK then. I have few more debugging tips, but no solution yet. Let's
see what nginx is sending to uwsgi. Please configure uwsgi with:


And please use strace (strace -p $PID -p $PID_2 ... -p $PID_N -vvfftt
-o /tmp/strace -s 5000) or tcpdump to confirm if nginx is or is not
sending the REQUEST_METHOD header.

For the record, this is how the code for populating wsgi environ looks like:


Could you confirm that it works if you replace socket=... with
http-socket=... in the uwsgi config and uwsgi_pass with proxy_pass
(with appropriate include ...) in the nginx conf?

If you configure your uwsgi with cpython instead of pypy, does it work
with similar configuration?

Krzysztof Warzecha
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