I got a 17x6 busa wheel converted by BBR. I had to send a wheel to them as they didn’t have any 17x6’s but they did have the 5,5’s in stock. Be aware of that with the 6” you will have clearance problems on a stock swing arm. I got a Fischer arm and it’s as notched as it can be and still had to shave couple millimeters of the left side. Going with a 5.5 is a safe bet unless you can instruct them on offsetting your wheel. I left mine to the stock offset. The whole thing cost me $500 plus the busa wheel and the service was quick with accurate results. If you call them talk to Jean Paul.





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I contacted Steve at Unclefester.com but I have not received an answer.  Here
is the question:  Does the BBR conversion require that I provide the V-max
rim and the GSXR Rim?. How much is the Conversion $, with 0, 1 or 2 of the
rims?  If anyone has the answers please let me know.  Secondly, What is
better, a 17x5.5 or 17x6.0  both are stock on various GSXR's, Opinions are
welcome.  Thanks for the help.
Paul, 85 V-max, VMOA 1141, Ft. Lauderdale

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