Hi all,

We (ignition) are looking to use base/hashmap (TemplateHashMap), but there 
are a couple of things that I want to change/add for efficiency's sake. 
Because these changes would have far-reaching effects, I wanted to send out 
the proposed changes before trying to upload any CLs.

My proposed changes are:

   - Template the value type, so that small types (e.g. ints) can be stored 
   inline rather than allocated
   - Template the key type, for the same reason
      - This has some far reaching effects -- e.g. we can't store holes as 
      nullptr keys anymore, but have to have a separate boolean existence flag. 
      suggest that we have an Entry class that is templated on the key, and 
      specialised for pointer-typed keys to treat null keys as holes.
   - Template the hash function and remove the hash fields, because passing 
   in our own hash values is asking for trouble
   - Template the equals/matching function, since we'd be having to 
   template it on the key type anyway, to skip that dereference
   - Move the allocator to a field, because passing different allocators 
   around as parameters is super sketchy
      - More precisely, move it to a private base class to take advantage 
      of the empty base-class optimisation
   - Add a function argument to LookupOrInsert which creates the value, 
   since the Value type is templated and so we can't rely on null values to 
   mean newly-inserted entries

And maybe, though I'm less convinced about these:

   - Return value references directly for Lookup/LookupOrInsert, rather 
   than Entries, to make Entries non-public
   - Add an stl-like iterator interface rather than Start/Next, also to 
   make Entries non-public

Most of these I could wrap in a particular <Key=void*, Value=void*> 
implementation that would fairly closely imitate the original hash map, but 
there would (probably?) still be some differences.


- Leszek

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