we have officially branched to be prepared for the upcoming Chrome version
67. The base of the branch is currently rolled into Chromium.
Integration into Chromium is stopped until Chromium has branched too.

V8 branch: 6.7
Ref to be used in Chromium:

If your CL is not included in 6.7 you might consider merging it into the
branch. In that case please apply the label 'Merge-Requested-6.7' the the
bug the CL is fixing.
See https://github.com/v8/v8/wiki/Merging%20&%20Patching for more
information on merging.


On Thu, Apr 5, 2018 at 10:18 AM Michael Hablich <habl...@chromium.org>

> Hi,
> it is time again. If you have any questions regarding the release, please
> ping this thread. The timeline:
> THURSDAY 2018-04-05: API adoption freeze starting
> V8 will branch in one week for the upcoming Beta phase for Chrome 67. On
> the 2017-04-12 one of the latest Canaries will be selected to be the branch
> point. This means we will roll this version into Chromium in order to give
> them and Blink time to synchronize with the roll. Essentially this will be
> a revert to an older version!
> In order to make this synchronization as painless as possible for V8 and
> Blink please don't make API changes which make the revert more difficult
> and don't adopt API changes. When in doubt, ask yangguo@ or hablich@.
> THURSDAY 2018-04-12: Create 6.7 branch
> Create the 6.7 based on one of the latest/most stable Canaries. The
> auto-roller is closed (maybe over the weekend). Keep in mind that this
> means we are not integrating with Chromium (much less test coverage). If
> you happen to work an an important fix, please make sure that the fix is on
> 6.7 too! See information on merging & patching for the details. Merge
> approver for this release is hablich@.
> Latest MONDAY 2018-04-16: Back to normal and API adoption freeze is lifted
> Auto-roller is running again and we are back to normal business.
> Cheers,
> Michael
> --
> Written on my phone - sorry for formatting inconsistencies and typos.

Written on my phone - sorry for formatting inconsistencies and typos.

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