Reviewers: Jakob,


In tests, we need to allocate a large ArrayBuffer for each test, so we make sure
that we only allocate one per test and disable --stress-opt mode.

Limit the size for typed arrays to MaxSmi.

Please review this at

SVN Base:

Affected files (+99, -59 lines):
  M src/
  M src/runtime.h
  M src/
  A + test/mjsunit/regress/regress-319722-Float32Array-1.js
  A + test/mjsunit/regress/regress-319722-Float32Array.js
  A + test/mjsunit/regress/regress-319722-Float64Array-1.js
  A + test/mjsunit/regress/regress-319722-Float64Array.js
  A + test/mjsunit/regress/regress-319722-Int16Array-1.js
  A + test/mjsunit/regress/regress-319722-Int16Array.js
  A + test/mjsunit/regress/regress-319722-Int32Array-1.js
  A + test/mjsunit/regress/regress-319722-Int32Array.js
  A + test/mjsunit/regress/regress-319722-Int8Array-1.js
  A + test/mjsunit/regress/regress-319722-Int8Array.js
  A + test/mjsunit/regress/regress-319722-Uint16Array-1.js
  A + test/mjsunit/regress/regress-319722-Uint16Array.js
  A + test/mjsunit/regress/regress-319722-Uint32Array-1.js
  A + test/mjsunit/regress/regress-319722-Uint32Array.js
  A + test/mjsunit/regress/regress-319722-Uint8Array-1.js
  A + test/mjsunit/regress/regress-319722-Uint8Array.js
  A + test/mjsunit/regress/regress-319722-Uint8ClampedArray-1.js
  A + test/mjsunit/regress/regress-319722-Uint8ClampedArray.js

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