I'm trying to dynamically load libplatform in an application I'm writing. I 
searched through the available gn options, but I couldn't find an option to 
build libplatform as a shared object, so I did it by hand:

$ gcc -shared -o libv8_libplatform.so obj/v8_lib{platform,base}/*.o

I use this both in debug and in release mode, but when I link my 
application against libplatform in release mode, I get "undefined reference 
to `v8::platform::CreateDefaultPlatform(int)`". This doesn't happen in 
debug mode. After some investigation, I realized that the aforementioned 
function is exported in debug mode, but is hidden in release mode:

# Debug
$ nm -C libv8_libplatform.so | grep CreateDefaultPlatform
000000000001ad70 *T* v8::platform::CreateDefaultPlatform(int)

# Release
$ nm -C libv8_libplatform.so | grep CreateDefaultPlatform
0000000000003b20 *t* v8::platform::CreateDefaultPlatform(int)

I inspected the ninja files, and realized this happens because object files 
are compiled with -fvisibility=default in debug mode, and with 
-fvisibility=hidden in release mode.

So, my question is: is this function not supposed to be used in release 
applications? Should I, then, link statically against the many individual 
.o files needed (as the hello-world.cc example does)? If so, what's the 
best way to do this?

Thanks in advance,

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