On Thu, Sep 22, 2016 at 2:02 AM, Jane Chen <jxche...@gmail.com> wrote:
> I'm embedding v8 and trying to upgrade to v8 5.3-lkgr.  After I built v8
> using GYP with GYPFLAGS="-Dv8_use_external_startup_data=0
> -Dcomponent=shared_library", I got the following files under
> out/x64.release/obj.target/src/:
> js2c.stamp                 libv8_nosnapshot.a
> libv8_base.a               libv8_snapshot.a
> libv8_external_snapshot.a  libv8.so
> libv8_libbase.a            natives_blob.stamp
> libv8_libplatform.a        v8_maybe_snapshot.stamp
> libv8_libsampler.a
> I seem to be able to link my program with a subset of the above, leaving out
> libv8_libsampler.a and the *.stamp files.  Should they be included?  Would I
> get runtime issues if any of them is left out?
> Thanks!

You don't need the *.stamp files but libv8_sampler.a is a dependency
of libv8_base.a that is used when the heap and CPU profilers are
active.  I'd leave it in.

An easy litmus test is if a static build can be linked into an
executable without linker errors.

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