It requires an operating system.

On Wednesday, October 12, 2016 at 8:25:42 PM UTC-7, Bryce Peterson wrote:
> I have a very odd question. I've got a fairly powerful ARM board, similar 
> to something like a Teensy or an MBED, with generous code-space and RAM.
> Theoretically, it should be enough to run a JavaScript compiler, feeding 
> it js files from an SD card shield, but my question is... how would you do 
> that with the V8 engine? I mean, what files would you put where?
> You can't just 'cd' to it and 'build' it, because there's no command line, 
> or any OS at all. It's not an ARM-based single-board-computer, just an ARM 
> chip by itself, running nothing but a bootloader and user code. So is it 
> possible to integrate V8's source files into a C++ project, or does V8 
> require libraries (likely this one), syntax, or hardware beyond the native 
> C++ of a micro-controller?
> I mostly use the Arduino IDE BTW, since it's very easy to use, and you can 
> usually find a driver for whatever ARM board you're using and make it work. 
> If I could put V8 into an Arduino library (not to run on an Uno obviously, 
> but on a more powerful ARM, just programmed by the IDE), that would be 
> perfect.

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