Apologies if this is a trivial thing. I've been embedding V8 inside my own 
C++ application and have been working to get the JSON debugging protocol 

I have a background thread which listens to debugging JSON commands from 
Visual Studio Code and I forward them to V8 and I send them via 
v8::Debug::SendCommand. I also then send back JSON responses from V8 by 
listening for it then sending it to VSCode. Of course I also 
call v8::Debug::ProcessDebugMessages from time to time to make sure 
messages are being dealt with. 

Everything works apart from setting breakpoints. VSCode says they are 
registered however when I call Debug.showAllBreakpoints(FunctionName) via 
JavaScript no breakpoint has been bound to the JavaScript function even 
though the JSON V8 sends back to VSCode says it has. There are also no 
exceptions and no error messages.

I imagine I'm missing something big, anyone got an ideas?.

Thanks in advance, hope I didn't drag on too much :)

V8 version:
OS: Windows 10

I was also using this tutorial for a starting point. Specifically the 
remote debugging section.


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