I'm trying to build both V8 and my library that embeds with the address 
sanitizer, and I'm getting this error when trying to load my library:

dlopen(v8py.so, 2): Symbol not found: ___asan_version_mismatch_check_v8
  Referenced from: v8py.so
  Expected in: flat namespace
 in v8py.so

What's going on?

Potentially relevant information:

   - My library is a dynamic-link library that statically links with V8. 
   I'm building V8 with -fPIC so that this can work.
   - V8 is being built with the prebuilt version of clang downloaded by 
   gclient sync, and my library is built with the version of clang that comes 
   with macos.
   - I can't find ___asan_version_mismatch_check_v8 anywhere in the V8 
   source, or anywhere on Google or Github. So I have no idea what it's for or 
   what it does.


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