Note that this is a v8/JavaScript feature, so this post is just an FYI for
blink-dev — no signoff from Blink API owners is required.

*Contact emails*,




This proposal brings arbitrary-precision integers to JavaScript, along with
new TypedArrays with signed and unsigned 64-bit integer elements.

*Is this feature supported on all six Blink platforms (Windows, Mac, Linux,
Chrome OS, Android, and Android WebView)?*



As of this writing, DevTools support is being worked on. It will be
available before shipping.

All the usual DevTools features will work for code containing BigInts.

*Interoperability risk*

Edge: No public signals

Firefox: In development:

Safari: In development:

Web developers: Positive, e.g.

*Compatibility risk*

BigInt literals were invalid syntax before.

The "BigInt", "BigInt64Array", "BigUint64Array" constructors could clash
with user-defined globals.

*Activation risk*

The semantics of the BigInt proposal are not polyfillable (it would require
operator overloading).


test262 contains tests for BigInt, BigInt64Array, BigUintArray, which V8

V8 also has its own tests:

*Tracking bug*

*Entry on the feature dashboard*

*Requesting approval to ship?*


We would like to ship BigInts on ToT in ~3 weeks, in time for Chrome 67.

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