> It exists (and I should have mentioned that in my previous email, 
> sorry about that.)  Maybe you found them already: 
> `Isolate::VisitHandlesWithClassIds()` and 
> `Isolate::VisitWeakHandles()`

I saw these, but didn't want to piggyback on the v8 profiler interface, 
just in case if it's not available in some configurations, although I 
didn't investigate if there's any basis for this. From your comment, sounds 
like I'm being too cautious and they can be used for non-profiling code as 
well. I will add comments in my code to revisit these methods if I decide 
to reuse isolates in the future and clean them up between uses. 

I was wondering about micro tasks and how they are being used. Very useful 
to know that they are behind promises. I will update my test cases to make 
sure my memory management approach works with promises as well. Thanks for 
the heads-up. 

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