Hey there

I reach out looking for opinions on options we might have overlooked.

We've been using vagrant to power up virtual machines in our local 
developers CI-environment consisting of 3 machines. So far so good, things 
work fine but with one major caveat, performance (time it is taking).

Our build and startup procedure consist of the following steps:

- Building our source and packaging it
- Build a template machine with that package in
- vagrant package that template
- unpack the package yet again and build the first node
- start node 2-3 as linked clones

The main problem here is the packaging and the instant repackaging is 
tedious and not really helping with anything. Is there a simple way to use 
the built template as the base image without boxing it first? I know i 
could use virtualbox's direct abstraction right away, but i generally like 
Vagrants abstraction more as we used it for everything else.

So thoughts ideas?


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