Quick related question if anyone has a moment.

I did the embedded Vagrant file and it seems it was ignored.

1) From the packer docs, my understanding is that a packaged Vagrantfile is 
not used during "vagrant init", but should be used during "vagrant up" - 
please confirm if my understanding is correct because the documentation was 
a little vague (does not explicitly say "used during vagrant up")

2) If the above is correct, I may be having an end of line issue.

The top portion of the packaged Vagrantfile has no end of line characters, 
so looks like this in notepad (all one line). (Fyi viewing in an editor 
that understands both types of line endings (atom), it looks fine)

The rest of the file from my packager "vagrantfile_template" has end of 
line characters that display correctly in Windows.

I am both building with packer and using vagrant on WIndows.

This line ends up being one line which I assume means it isn't running due 
to the comment character.

# The contents below were provided by the Packer Vagrant post-processor 
Vagrant.configure("2") do |config| config.vm.base_mac = "08002775BD9E" end 
# The contents below (if any) are custom contents provided by the # Packer 
template during image build.

But the part that looks correct does not run.

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