Hi all.  Novice here.  I'm trying to install VVV for the first time.  The 
installation completed, but with prohibitive errors.  Before I fix them, I 
want to first completely uninstall VVV from my system (Win 10, x64).  To do 
so, I ran these commands:

   - vagrant destroy
   - vagrant box remove hashicorp/precise64
   - vagrant box remove precise64
   - vagrant box remove ubuntu/trusty64

All completed without issue, but the WordPress files still remain on my 
local machine.  Is it sufficient to delete the VVV folder that Git created 
in Windows during setup?  If not, how should I properly remove them?

And for the future, is this the correct method of uninstalling VVV?  Or did 
I miss a step/do something wrong?  The *vagrant destroy* line I ran above 
seems a little fishy--perhaps I was mean to run *vagrant destroy* for each 

Thanks in advance.

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