Sorry for my English I speak French ...
I am an belgian french speaking artist and bad for programming enough but I 
try .... 
I would like to install a neural transfer style and I know it's a challenge 
for me.
I follow a step by step tutorial. 
Unfortunately I already blocked with Vagrant from the start.
I am running windows 10
Here is what happens!

*PS D:\vagrant\bin\image-dreamer> vagrant up*
*Vagrant failed to initialize at a very early stage:*

*The directory Vagrant will use to store local environment-specific*
*state is not accessible. The directory specified as the local data*
*directory must be both readable and writable for the user that is*
*running Vagrant.*

*Local data directory: D:/vagrant/bin/image-dreamer/.vagrant*
*PS D:\vagrant\bin\image-dreamer>*

Whatever I do my directories are read only and non-writable.
Someone patient he wants to help me just please!
Thank you


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