I'm getting started using vagrant and am testing things. I'm using a Windows 
2012 R2 box based on evaluation provided by Microsoft (mwrock/Windows2012R2). 
My versatile doesn't do anything special beyond forwarding remote desktop port 
and assigning static ip on private network. When I do vagrant up, it seems 
rather slow (I realize the first vagrant up is slow because it downloads the 
base box, I mean every time after that). Everything I read seems to indicate 
that it should take 25-30 seconds, but in my case it takes about 2.5 minutes. 
Anything that can be done to speed that up? Or is that actually a normal bout 
time for a Windows guest. Am unsure because most cases I read about deal with 
Linux guests.

I'm running Mac OS Sierra on a MacBook Pro with a 2.2Ghz core i7 with 16GB of 

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