I am hoping that there'll be someone who can help me with this issue. I am 
using Vagrant to download Packer using wget. The issue here is that I can't 
SSL to the site even though from the console it say connected. Here are the 
output from the Vagrant console

vagrant@precise32:~$ sudo -E wget --no-check-certificate 
--2017-01-13 15:19:40-- 
Resolving releases.hashicorp.com (releases.hashicorp.com)...
Connecting to releases.hashicorp.com 
(releases.hashicorp.com)||:443... connected.
Unable to establish SSL connection.

I tried the command with and without the --no-check-certificate option. 
Both didn't work. I was able to use wget to get other files from different 
sites, but always got these errors when trying to wget the packer from the 
site above. 

Any idea or thought of what might be going wrong or am I missing something 

Thanks for your time and help


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