Recently, I tried virtualising a jenkins instance in my company, meaning 
jenkins should go into some KVM domain. Well, jenkins itself ran just fine 
under these conditions, but virtual box did not perform very well. We made 
sure all nested virtualisation options were set correctly. The jenkins 
guest is able to use processor-flags vmx, ept and 
vpid. /sys/module/kvm_intel/parameters/nested states nested paging is 
enabled with an 'Y'.

I asked at the virtual box forums for experiences running virtual box 
inside a KVM domain, but they could not really give me a hint.

Anyway, I meanwhile accept answers like "nested virtualisation does not 
perform very well". We just gave it a try. Unless anybody here tells me he 
has managed to run VB inside KVM with good performance results, that is 
fine, we accept that.

The only thing I am still wondering about is, how do people run a setup of 
vagrant + virtual box + jenkins in the cloud? Cloud servers are always 
virtualised, so we have nested virtualisation there, too.

Can anybody confirm vagrant + virtual box + jenkins is running fine in the 
cloud? Let's say with an Amazon EC2 instance? The guys from the virtual box 
forum sent me here, as they actually do not use virtual box in CI 
environments. So they cannot say.

Any experiences?


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