I have a vagrant VM hosted in HyperV on my Windows 10 laptop. It is running 
Ubuntu 16. I've actually tried a few different Ubuntu 16 vagrant boxes to 
see if this was a problem with my particular box, but they all produce the 
same error when I try to list certain folders:
    *ls: reading directory '.': Input/output error*
The directory I'm trying to read holds my source code. It syncs using 
Vagrant SMB as a child directory of my project directory. The error was 
only happening in this directory, so I started systematically removing 
files and folders to see if one of them was causing an issue. After 
removing almost all the folders the 'ls' command would start properly 
listing the contents of the directory. So then I put some folders back and 
it broke again. What I came to realize is that it didn't seem to be any 
particular folder causing the issue, but instead the amount of data in the 
So I created a new test directory within my project and dropped a few 
images in it. I ran the ls command, it worked fine. Added a few more 
images, still worked. Added some more, and bingo it stopped working and 
gave the same error as above. Removed a few random images, and the ls 
command started working again.
So it seems to be related to the total file size in these directories. I 
have another vagrant VM I use on this machine for developing another 
project and I've never had this issue on it. But every VM I spin up, with 
different boxes now, seems to have this issue.
I've read this can be a hardware problem, but I've run checkdisk on my 
laptop and there's no issues found. Furthermore this is a VM, so hardware 
should be abstracted away by the hypervisor layer.
It's a dynamic VHDX sized at 127Gb, and it's only expanded to ~5Gb.
Any thoughts?

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