On Tuesday 06 March 2018 at 13:09:54, Yousef Saber wrote:

> > can you show me what did you do with some screenshots please
> > 
> > step by step
> > 
> > I'm still beginner

You appear to be a beginner at using mailing lists as well.

You've replied to an announcement from January 24th regarding a change in the 
URL used to obtain pre-configured Vagrant boxes from Hashicorp.

Your question above makes no sense in that context.

Please either:

a) reply to the posting you want to ask for further details about


b) start a new thread with a subject appropriate to your question and tell us 
what you need to know.

In either case, please tell us:

 - what are you trying to achieve
 - what have you tried so far to make this work
 - what guides / tutorials / documentation have you followed
 - what (specifically) did not work as expected?

That should give us enough information to help you with your problem.



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