Hello everybody,

Supposing that I have this setup:

*server *

server.vm.network 'private_network', ip: , netmask: 
server.vm.network 'private_network', ip: , netmask:

*client*client.vm.network 'private_network', type: "dhcp"
client.vm.network 'private_network', type: "dhcp"

*server* acts as dhcp server for client, How do I have to set on client 
that I would like that those 2 networks to linked to the server networks ( 
one to and the second to ) ?

I would like to have 2 different host only networks, and each adapter on a 
machine to be plugged in to one of those networks.

Since on client side both are configured with dhcp, I don't understand how 
I can distinguish them. But

I've found this example

config.vm.network "private_network", :type => 'dhcp', :name => *'vboxnet0'*

But in this case if vboxnet0 already exists, my entire vagrant init will 

Could you please advise?

Thank you.

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