There was a recent fix for a bug in 3.13.0 "--xml-socket doesn't work":

How does the valgrind project make a decision about releasing a bug fix version?

The number, nature, severity, and impact of the bugs;
the intrusiveness of the fixes, and the resources available
to create a new version, test it, and distribute the result.

Is there any possibility this fix will be in a release "soon" or at least 
before mid-2018?

The patch already has been applied to the source tree,
so it will be in the next regular major release, which probably
will be some time in the last 3 months of this calendar year.
I'd say that it is unlikely that there will be a special bug fix release.

The fix for this bug is so trivial that almost any software developer
should be successful at checking out the code and re-building it.
So why don't you try that?  (See README, README_DEVELOPERS,


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