> On 13 Feb 2018, at 01:03, John Reiser <jrei...@bitwagon.com> wrote:
>> https://zerobin.net/?0bf6ea80afca0924#PT/yP+KTPOXYx/+IKUC+wwhm/UCF+S2fccpHQB9Cf7Q=
> [That "paste" site says that the page expires in 6 days.]

It’s the first time I’ve used such a site. I don’t know if there are ones that 
have free persistent storage for large files.


> It might be possible to confirm this diagnosis by turning on TRACE_SYMTAB
> (which is controlled by command-line argument --trace-symtab=yes
> and perhaps by --trace-symtab-patt=<patt> ) and looking through
> what valgrind reports.
> [Of course I also see the many hundreds of Sections ".rodata.<subr_name>"
> and ".text.<subr_name>" and ".text.unlikely.<subr_name>" which at first
> glance seem to be overkill and/or extravagant waste of space.  There
> should be a more-compact way to convey the information.]

I did try —trace-symtab=yes, but the output was exceedingly long. I’ll give the 
pattern a try tonight.

On the other front, I’ll try to find out why libstc++ has so many sections.

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