2018-02-23 19:54 GMT+01:00 SILVA João <joao.si...@altran.com>:
> The reason we allocate everything statically is safety.
> What about you, Ivo, any other hints on creating space for this executable?

Unfortunately I have run out of ideas, I am sorry.

> This seems a limitation of Valgrind, should I create a bug report? It's a 
> software limit, while the limit should be the hardware, right?

Valgrind does many things to your application.
Different virtual address memory organization is one of them. In
short, V. has to squeeze application and Valgrind into one process'
address space.
I don't think the current design of aspacemgr could allow for the
flexibility you need.
Feel free to have a look, perhaps you will be able to come up with another idea.


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