Attendees: Fred, Tobi, DanH, Simms, Remi

 - Simms: sorry for the low turnout, (some git transition work going on) Brian is about to (soon), send out a new updated "State of Values" to the EG list
 - Remi: Relation of records to inline ?
     - Simms: not really our bag, revisit once state of values details are out
 - Remi: are you guys still looking at abstract super for inline
     - Fred: inline "compatible abstract", yeah, no fields, abstract constructor      - Simms: not much point in discussing just now, given the details will be on mail list soon
 - Remi: no F-2-F in Burlington ?
     - Simms: hehe, we wish, but no
         - A longer Zoom session to discuss template class
             - might need some structure in the form of agenda (ideas getting good discussion bandwidth welcome)          - looks like there are some interesting simplifications coming to the mailing list some time later          - will need to review latest design work along with the work that John put in last year      - Simms: expect most of the remaining `inline` type issues to be documented and evaluated in prototyping,  shifting design focus to Generic Specialization

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