GOA: Jack Siqueir - Father of Opinion Poll (with short comedy video)
  Late Dr. Jack de Sequeira (for most of us his name is ‘Jak Siker’)  I may not 
 know much of him but I do know that Goa which is GOA now would have been 
Maharastra if Dr. Jack Sequeira  along with the people of Goa did not fight for 
maintaining our Goa’s identity by going for the  historic  opinion poll about 
40 years ago.
  I salute Dr. Jack De Sequeira.
  Yesterday, on the eve of 40TH Opinion Poll Day, there was a beautiful 
programe, a musical show,  organized by KSSKK (Konkani Sangit Somajik Kala 
Kendra) Taleigao at KA, Panjim-Goa, in memory of  late Dr. Jack de Sequeira 
(Father of Opinion Poll).
  It was in the KA’s open air  hall where crowed was full to its capacity. If 
the seating capacity of the hall is 2000 then there were at least 2400. All 
seats were occupied and people seen sitting on the flloor, steps, virtually 
there was no room to move around not even the two long alleyways. (we too 
seated on a bare floor/steps).
  Lawry, Wilmix-Sharon, Peter-Roshan, Joe Rose were some of the popular actors 
sang two songs each. There was one trio by MIL-MEL-NEL  titled and dress like 
‘Ami Sogle Ghantti’ They were called twice. There were some kids singers too. 
One Kevin D’ Mello dressed like Konknno with Pudvem and sang a song comparing 
Tiatr and Natok. He too got a big round of public applause.
  There was comedy show too..
  There was also a bashonn from Churchill and Wilmix (Wilson)
  People in the front row were Dr. Jack Sequeira’s Daughter (Dr. Lilly & her 
husband), Pe. Conceissao, Churchill, Joseph Sequeira (Calangute Sarpanch) etc 
  Today, the 16TH January 2007,   there is an installation ceremony of life 
size statue of Dr. Jack de Sequeira at Panchayat Junction, Nr. Village 
Panchayat Calangute at 11 am.
  Please note: This Statue does not come from the Goa Government but it seems 
coming from Mr. Joseph Sequeira, Sarpanch (with members) and other well wishers.
  Well done KSSKK &  Santan H Vieagas Taleigao.
  Well done Joseph Sequeira of Calangute and many others.
  Finally, on this occasion, I present to you, a short video comedy by Goa’s 
popular stage comedians Agostinho & Ambe. (2 minutes).
  Long Live Goa
  Amchem Goem Amkam Zai, sodanch zai
  Goa  Zindabad.
  Jai Goa

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