Hello Business Partners,
Hope you are doing great!

Please find below mentioned job description and if you are interested
revert back with the updated resume ASAP.

Position: Java Full Stack Developer
Location: Bellevue, WA
Duration: Long Term

Need 10+ Years

*Job Responsibilities:*

   - The Sr. Full Stack Java Developer Engineer is responsible for software
   development of client's Platform as a Service PaaS environment, able to
   build solutions for maximum reliability, stability, scalability and
   supportability of the company's existing software applications and new
   - Responsible for providing technical and project leadership of a
   software development team.
   - We are looking for a Subject Matter Expert at one or several of the
   below technologies, but also want to have generalist responsibilities on
   our team.
   - Focus will be on platform service delivery, working closely with
   engineering in a collaborative manner that streamlines interfaces to ensure
   that we move fast and effectively.
   - A commitment to DevOps and a dislike of the traditional model of a big
   wall between engineering and operations teams is key to success.
   - A fundamental love of technology and thirst for better ways to support
   the business are essential.

*Education and Experience:*

   - Bachelor s degree in Computer Science or related field or equivalent
   experience, certifications.
   - 5 years’ experience in software development.
   - Specialized Skills Full stack Java experience in a senior or team lead
   role including Spring MVC, Spring Data, Spring Batch, etc.
   - Hands on experience in NodeJS
   - Experience with release management Jenkins, Nexus, Maven, Gradle or
   TeamCity and capable of delivering automation and software developer self
   service solutions in a rapidly evolving CI CD microservices architecture.
   - Experience developing and improving REST API s
   - Experience working AWS clouds Azure Experience with time series
   monitoring like Grafana
   - Experience with load balancing like HA Proxy
   - Experience with orchestration like Kubernetes
   - Experience building web UI dashboards and other self service
   - Experience with messaging systems ActiveMQ, RabbitMQ, HornetMQ or
   Kafka .
   - Relational DB knowledge MySQL, PostgresQL, Oracle or SQL Server.
   - NoSQL knowledge MongoDB, Redis, Cassandra or Hadoop.
   - ORM Expertise Hibernate or MyBatis.
   - Ability to recite design patterns.
   - Knowledge of other languages and stacks Python, Scala, Groovy, Django,
   PHP, Ruby on Rails, Node.js, AngularJS, Bootstrap or others.
   - Experience leading Agile projects and getting results in Scrum or
   Kanban teams and workflows.
   - Experience with practices such as Test Driven Development TDD is a

Mahesh Kumar
Resourcing Specialist

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