Hi Alex,

apologies for spreading incorrect information below. The guest properties have much lower size restrictions than I thought.

The limit for the guest property key length is 128 bytes (including the string termination), and for the guest property value it's 256 bytes.


On 15.09.2016 17:34, Alex Crawford wrote:
On 09/15, Klaus Espenlaub wrote:
On 15.09.2016 09:12, Ivo Smits wrote:

VirtualBox has Guest Properties, which I think are very similar to
VMware's GuestVariables. You can use Guest Properties via the command
line: https://forums.virtualbox.org/viewtopic.php?t=10823

Or via the COM API:

Right, Guest Properties sounds like a suitable mechanism. It has
reasonably high limits (can easily handle several 100KB), and handles
anything which is valid UTF-8. Don't try to abuse it as a way to pass
binary data directly, because then you'll run into 'random' failures
when the UTF-8 validation sets off the alarm. Oh, and if you pass large
data it's probably a good idea to mark the guest property as transient
so that it doesn't cause VM settings bloat.

Yes, this is exactly the functionality I need. I don't understand how I
could have missed this in the docs... Thank you for pointing this out.

On the guest side you'll probably need the VirtualBox Guest Additions
including its kernel module to be able to access the properties.

Not "probably", Guest Additions in the VM are a must have if you're
intending to use Guest Properties.

Noted. Thank you both again.

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