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Hello all,

Let's say I want to auto-forward all Android smartphones and USB disk-on-keys (and hard disks) to particular VM automatically upon connect.

I want to create a USB filter to match all USB MTP protocol devices and all USB Mass Storage protocol devices.

Is it possible?

Not today. The GUI offers everything which is currently supported and the documentation is up to date, too.

In the user manual and the GUI I was able to add USB filter according to vendor+device, but not device class, which is not very useful in practice.

Yes and no... it all depends on what a specific user wants to achieve, and so far the filtering by class wasn't requested by users.

It does make sense to add it. Don't know when we can squeeze it in, because it's an unknown amount of work and needs making changes on each and every supported platform, plus adjusting the API, GUI and so on.


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