On Wednesday 17 June 2009, James Lucas wrote:
> Is it possible to have OpenGL enabled on a Windows Guest/RHEL Host when
> started via VBoxHeadless?
> The machine starts correctly when run from the GUI and OpenGL works,
> when starting from the VBoxHeadless command line I get
> > 00:00:00.160 OpenGL Warning: Render SPU: no display, aborting
> > 00:00:00.160 OpenGL Warning: Render SPU: Couldn't get a visual,
> > renderspu_SystemInitVisual failed
> > 00:00:00.160 OpenGL Warning: Render SPU: Couldn't create a window,
> > renderspuFindVisual returned NULL
> > 00:00:00.160 OpenGL Error: Render SPU: Couldn't get a double-buffered,
> > RGB visual with Z!
> > 00:00:00.160 Failed to load Shared OpenGL service VERR_NOT_SUPPORTED
> Which would indicate it requires a X session. Is this correct or should
> I open a bug?

This is not a bug but a feature: VBoxHeadless does not have any
X11 dependencies. As you can access a headless session only via
RDP (or by guest means like ssh of course), it wouldn't make much
sense to enable OpenGL for such guests.

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Dr.-Ing. Frank Mehnert    Sun Microsystems, Inc.    www.sun.com

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