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Hi to all,

I'm trying to test a future production system using qmail + vpopmail +

I know there is a patch for qmail to run on codafs, using Maildirs (function
link(from,to) isn't allowed on codafs), and I think I've to do the same on
Here is the patch for qmail (qmail-local)

================================= begin
*** qmail-local.c.orig Tue Mar 14 10:21:56 2000
--- qmail-local.c Tue Mar  7 11:49:35 2000
*** 127,134 ****
--- 127,138 ----
   if (fsync(fd) == -1) goto fail;
   if (close(fd) == -1) goto fail; /* NFS dorks */

+ #ifdef NFS_HACK
   if (link(fntmptph,fnnewtph) == -1) goto fail;
     /* if it was error_exist, almost certainly successful; i hate NFS */
+ #else
+  if (rename(fntmptph,fnnewtph) == -1) goto fail;
+ #endif
   tryunlinktmp(); _exit(0);
   fail: tryunlinktmp(); _exit(1);

================================= end

This patch allow another (even not so sure) method of switching files
between dirs. I saw that vpopmail code is using the same technique as qmail,
and infact, after patching qmail, I have that problem only to virtual
accounts (#4.3.4).

Do you think sufficient changing all link(from,to) into rename(from,to)
functions in all .c of vpopmail?
Is there an official patch to vpopmail to work on codafs?

Thank you

Cordiali saluti / Best regards
Andrea Cerrito
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