After finally getting sick of deleting 95% of my mail to get the real 
content, I decided to try and get a mail filter going today. On my test 
machine (FreeBSD
4.4) I installed procmail-3.22, vpopmail-5.0, qmail-1.03 & current ucspi,
daemontools, etc.

Having read up in
I created a virtual domain,, with a couple of users in it, one
called test1. In .qmail-test1 I have:

|preline procmail -p -m 

and in test1/Maildir/procmailrc I have:


# check that these are being passed through (VERBOSE will dump them to log)

|/var/qmail/vpopmail/bin/vdelivermail '' bounce-no-mailbox

What I get in the log is lots of:

procmail: Program failure (100) of "/var/qmail/vpopmail/bin/vdelivermail"
 From [EMAIL PROTECTED] Tue Dec 04 00:17:54 2001
  Subject: test22
**Bounced**                                                      1495

However, I know that the EXT and HOST environment vars are set OK, both from
procmail's logs, and by changing the vdeliver line to be a environment-dumping
perlscript, and I also know that the Maildir directory exists, and can be
delivered to (mail gets there fine if I remove the procmail stuff). Actually,
the 'bounced' messages don't even make it back to the sender either, which
makes me wonder if qmail understands what is going on. Unfortunately, 
vdelivermail's stdout doesn't seem to get logged anyway at when run in this 
way - neither the procmail or qmail-send logs show the reason for failure.

Any suggestions or obvious errors? I'm not wed to procmail, but would maildrop
make all this any easier? It seems that it's the vdelivermail aspect that is
the common fly in both ointments.



(sorry for any tab-damage - I haven't figured Eudora out entirely yet)

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