I've done a fast search in the archive but if I did not see any post
related to my problem.


here after I'll try to explain what happens:

- qmail 1.03
- vpopmail 5.2.1

1) quota (i.e maildirsize is updated) is managed correctly if the message
is delivered to an existant user of a virtual domain

2) if I use the catch-all feature to collect all the incoming mail for a
domain in a mailbox  quota is not managed correctly  (i.e maildirsize is
not updated)

.qmail-default is

| /var/vpopmail/bin/vdelivermail  '' /var/vpopmail/domains/thedomain/user

I've browsed vdelivermail.c and I've noted however that this behaviour is
Considering the usernotfound() function the deliver_mail() is called in
this way

ret = deliver_mail(bounce, "NOQUOTA")

i.e. w/ NOQUOTA so the catch-all user quota is not managed.

am I wrong?

thank you very much and sorry for my english!


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