Ron Parker wrote:

> Linux 7.2
> vpopmail 5.2
> qmail 1.04
> My mail server is at  I have set the MX record for 
> to be  I have created a domain named 
> "" in vpopmail, and a user "test" under that domain.
> I have added "" to the following qmail files: locals, 
> rcpthosts, virtualdomains.  However, mail sent to "[EMAIL PROTECTED]" 
> gets to, but is not delivered with this message:
> Sorry, no mailbox here by that name. (#5.1.1)
> I know vpopmail is working because when I create the user "tester" 
> under "", "[EMAIL PROTECTED]" is delivered.  What 
> else do I need to look at?  Thanks.
> -ron
Remove from locals and HUP qmail-send
When delivering a message qmail checks the local file first. If the 
domain is found there it is assumed that the user is a local user and 
qmail will attempt to deliver the message to a local user.
If you use vadddomain to add domains to vpopmail then vpopmail will 
handle the changing of qmail files for you.

Phil Wall

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