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On 2002.08.19_10:18:35_+0000, Clayton Weise wrote:
> I know that I could just change the value in pw_gid to make it this way.
> But I was curious if there was a way to do this by default.
> Normally when a domain is created with vpopmail it assumes the postmaster@
> account as the administrative account.  I was wondering if I could change
> this default behavior to use say.. webmaster@ instead.  I know I could go
> through and run an update query on my database to convert the current users
> over to something like that but I wanted to change it when creating new
> accounts as well.  Is there a configure switch for something like this that
> I've missed?  Or, if not, what files should I start looking at changing.

I am afraid there is no way to grant any user administrator privileges
on creation of domain. But below will do the trick:

$ ./vaddomain example.com password
$ ./vadduser [EMAIL PROTECTED] anotherpassword
$ ./vmoduser -a [EMAIL PROTECTED]

and the optional

$ ./vdeluser [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Having postmaster available on one domain is a good thing though, since
many people wish to contact a person on a domain through postmaster@.

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