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> Hello people.
> I am using vpopmail-5.2.1 with the option roaming-user available and 
> everything works very well.
> I have a suggestion to add a new function to the program, specifically 
> in the option of romaing-user. It wanted that only some pools of IP 
> have the possibility of making a pop authentication, thus to be able to 
> send messages.
> These pools would be put in a file with similar format to tcp.smtp.
> I want to have a better control on the IP that can send messages. 
> Desire to have the capacity to deny any IP or pools IP even so they are 
> my users.

This is already available through tcpserver.  Just put something like 
this in your ~vpopmail/etc/tcp.smtp file:

Then run clearopensmtp to easily update your cdb file.  This will 
disallow from sending smtp, even if they are in they have 
roaming enabled (overrides roaming users).  You can also deny multiple 
IPs like so:



...for more information.


Bill Shupp

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