Hey Jose--

I just got done hacking the vpopmail code to do just that.  Here's what
it does:
1) .JunkMail folder as user is created
2) make the new, cur, tmp folders under the .JunkMail folder
3) create the "courierimapsubscribed" file so that the user is
automatically subscribed to the .JunkMail folder.

I've done some [limited] testing, but it seems to work just fine.  It
will work from both the command-line and from qmailadmin.

I'll add that to my HOW-TO tonight (I hope!) at


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> Hello list...
> the question....
> How can I tell to vpopmail that every time  I add a
> new user create the folder .JunkMail with their
> respectiv sub-folders: new, cur and tmp???
> Best regards.
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