You might want to bump up the number of connections allowed on your 
mysql server.

Juan Enciso - DNSQ wrote:

>Hi  friends
>I am using vpopmail-5.2.1 with mysql running vchkpw authentication.
>Once in a while, the qmail-send show me this error message:
>2002-08-25 04:32:50.580965500 status: local 16/100 remote 0/250
>2002-08-25 04:32:50.601224500 delivery 4226: deferral:
>2002-08-25 04:32:50.601241500 status: local 15/100 remote 0/250
>And when I make a connection pop3 show me this:
>[root@linux /root]# telnet localhost 110
>Connected to localhost.
>Escape character is '^]'.
>pass XXXXXX
>could not connect to mysql update server Too many connections with database
>could not connect to mysql update server Too many connections
>could not create lastauth table CREATE TABLE vlog ( id BIGINT PRIMARY KEY
>NCREMENT,       user char(32), passwd CHAR(32),       domain CHAR(64), logon
>CHAR(200),       remoteip char(18), message VARCHAR(255),       timestamp
> default 0 NOT NULL, error INT,       INDEX user_idx (user),       INDEX
>idx (domain), INDEX remoteip_idx (remoteip),       INDEX error_idx (error),
>X message_idx (message) )
>error inserting into lastauth table
>-ERR authorization failed
>In order to solve this problem, I erase the table vlog using this mysql
>delete from vlog;
>and I have shutdown qmail and mysql services.
>In addition I have than fix the table vlog using the command:
>myisamchk  -r -q /var/lib/mysql/vpopmail/vlog
>Somebody has an idea of which it can be happening?
>Thanks for your replies.

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