Out of my pure hatred for spam, love for qmail/vpopmail/perl, and
dislike of the complexity of all current 'spam filtering'
implementations for qmail (and/or vpopmail), I decided to write my own
perl app to do all the things I wanted (and more) when filtering email.

Using procmail and the standard spamassassin methods required patches
for qmail (seekable patch) and all kinds of other ridicules setup, and
then still didn't work with vpopmail (at least I couldn't get it to). So
I thought, "Why are we hacking up source codes and changing how stuff is
processed to accomplish this? After all, qmail's mentality is chaining
programs together to complete the task, so why don't we filter this

So here is my spam-filter.pl script, been in production for quite some
time with me, and I haven't had any problems. There is quite detailed
usage file ( http://www.ledscripts.com/dev/install.txt ) plus reading
the source itself will likely tell you a lot. Anyhow, you can get it at:


Please try and comment. I really think its implementations like this
that will finally help some of us clean up our mailboxes :)

By the way, this is not something that should be used on a heavy-load
machine. If interest is high enough, I'll do something similar to what
the spamassassin people did with spamd/spamc.

Anyway, good luck!

Jon Coulter

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