i change in the vpasswd file and try to check it without
handling vpasswd.cdb file,
r i remove it first and then change it.
or something else i do.
thanks for the command but i want that i read this file and
change the passwd in this file.
tell me little detail for doing,
i have some confusion
thanks for the cooperation.
wait for ur reply.
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Subject: Re: [vchkpw]passwrod encrypted method

> Hello zafar,
> On Monday, August 26, 2002 at 3:16:32 PM you wrote:
> > i follow ur instructions and generate different encrypted password
> > values.but that encrypted password is not matched with oldone encrypt by
> > vpopmail (it is correct or not)
> Yes, this is correct.
> Encrypted passwords will differ each time, as the 'SALT' is different each
> time.
> Encrypting the password with same SALT will produce same encrypted string.
> But as salt is chosen (more or less) randomly each time you call the
> functions this will produce different output patterns.
> > and resulted encrypted passwd paste on the vpasswd file in the respected
> > domain file.but user login it with the old password i overwrite the
> > encrypted and clear passwd.but it can't work.
> Than the new password ain't used.
> If something would be wrong with encryption functions the user would _not_
> be able to log in, neither with new nor with old password.
> If user can still log in after you've tried to set the new password you
> were not successful in setting the new password.
> Did you only set the password in 'vpasswd' file or did you recreate
> 'vpasswd.cdb' after changing the password?
> vmkpasswd $domain
> should be your command.
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