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> i change in the vpasswd file and try to check it without
> handling vpasswd.cdb file,
> r i remove it first and then change it.
> or something else i do.
> thanks for the command but i want that i read this file and
> change the passwd in this file.

'Something else' is the wrong doing.
You should do exactly what vpopmail expects you to do:

- change the (encrypted and plain text) password in 'vpasswd'.
- run vmkpasswd $domain (substitute '$domain' with name of the domain
  you're processing the vpasswd file for)

The former will make changes in the file readable by human beings like you,
the latter will "transport" the changes to binary file (vpasswd.cdb) used
by 'vchkpw' for authenticating user.

You will _have to_ do both steps, unless you're familiar with using
cdb library and changing vpasswd.cdb directly by yourself (I assume you're

So again: assuming domain name is 'test.com' and username to change the
password for is 'user' you'll have to change the line corresponding to
'user' in file '~vpopmail/domains/test.com/vpasswd' and set the new
password, both encrypted and plain text.
Then you'll have to execute 'vmkpasswd test.com' for changes getting
manifested in '~vpopmail/domains/vpasswd.cdb' which is used by 'vchkpw' to
do (normal) POP3 authentication.
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