hello sir
thanks for mailing.
sir i do everything according to ur instruction.i found a error when i run
vmkpasswd command of segmentation fault.i do't understand that error.
 r u have any information about that error.
plz tell me the solution of this error.
thanks with regards

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> Hello zafar,
> On Monday, August 26, 2002 at 4:48:52 PM you wrote:
> > i change in the vpasswd file and try to check it without
> > handling vpasswd.cdb file,
> > r i remove it first and then change it.
> > or something else i do.
> > thanks for the command but i want that i read this file and
> > change the passwd in this file.
> 'Something else' is the wrong doing.
> You should do exactly what vpopmail expects you to do:
> - change the (encrypted and plain text) password in 'vpasswd'.
> - run vmkpasswd $domain (substitute '$domain' with name of the domain
>   you're processing the vpasswd file for)
> The former will make changes in the file readable by human beings like
> the latter will "transport" the changes to binary file (vpasswd.cdb) used
> by 'vchkpw' for authenticating user.
> You will _have to_ do both steps, unless you're familiar with using
> cdb library and changing vpasswd.cdb directly by yourself (I assume you're
> not).
> So again: assuming domain name is 'test.com' and username to change the
> password for is 'user' you'll have to change the line corresponding to
> 'user' in file '~vpopmail/domains/test.com/vpasswd' and set the new
> password, both encrypted and plain text.
> Then you'll have to execute 'vmkpasswd test.com' for changes getting
> manifested in '~vpopmail/domains/vpasswd.cdb' which is used by 'vchkpw' to
> do (normal) POP3 authentication.
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