Ah, touché. I knew that an empty file would cause qmail to consider it a
'tmp file', but I never figured that it would treat an comment-line'd
file any different. And my point about not using fileio is that
something like '/bin/cat > /dev/null' would actually have cat reading
from stdin, and print to stdout, where as '/bin/cat /dev/null' would
just tell cat to read /dev/null and print to stdio, and said file is
obviously empty, so very little cpu/fileio :)

Jon Coulter

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Hello Jon,

On Tuesday, August 27, 2002 at 7:40:18 AM you wrote:

> | /bin/cat /dev/null

> This will cause cat to cat /dev/null (which takes no fileio cpu, since

> its null and empty), and exits with a clean 0, telling vpopmail that 
> everything went okay.

It will create a process and therefor use fileIO and CPU, as it has to
look for '/bin/cat', read the file and execute it; therefore reserve
memory, etc. etc. etc ...

Why not doing it the 'qmail-way'???

$>cat .qmail-emtpy

This will make qmail-local ignore the line as it is 'only' a comment,
but not take any further steps for delivering the mail, as one valid
instruction (the dot-qmail-file) was found. No need to spawn additional
processes or doing some really nifty stuff to make simple thing look
really complicated done by a simple instruction :-)
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