Well.. vchkpw wouldn't be used in this pic since it illustrates mail
delivery with qmail.  But vdelivermail does get used in mail delivery.

When the delivery reaches qmail-local, qmail-local searches in the home
directory of the user (as assigned in /home/of/qmail/users/assign, and in
actuality, qmail reads the cdb file and not the actual assign text file) for
any .qmail files.  In every ~vpopmail/domains/domain.dom directory exists a
.qmail-default file which pipes over to vdelivermail.  vdelivermail searches
for the Maildir of the user and drops the mail into their box, if it can't
find the user it then does the next step defined to it.  Which can be
bounce-no-mailbox, where is bounces the message back to the sender when it
can't find a mailbox, it can just quietly delete the message and not bounce
anything back to the sender but also not deliver it to a box, or it can send
it to the "catch all" account.

vchkpw is the password checking utility to authenticate a user.  It's used
in pop3d and imapd for authenticating users.


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Could someone explain to me where in this pic vpopmail intercepts?



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