Hi Eduardo,

I will write in english because the other people didn't understand nothing =]

Well, i don't understand very well what you wrote but, i think in another 
solution them this...
Domain quota is very different then user quota, because i will management 
these domains, think more or less in 2000 domains, haaaaaaaaaaaa this is the 
dead :-)

Marcos Dutra

Em Qua 28 Ago 2002 11:41, vocÍ escreveu:
> On Wed, 28 Aug 2002, Marcos Dutra wrote:
> > The vpopmail package has the domain quota default but, if apply the
> > default quota in 10000000 bytes por example in @domain.com, it apply in
> > each mailbox 10000000 bytes.
> >
> > Well is possible put 10000000 bytes in a domain, not in a each mailbox?
> > Per example if i have 10 mailbox, the maximum total of all mailbox is
> > 10000000 bytes in this domain.
> Use a per-user domain basis, aplying system quotas to each user.
> as vpopmail user do:

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